Our Assemblies

Large / medium scale production (500+ units per build) is handled by our Far East partner, Tradpost Technology in Hong Kong & China. We have been working with Tradpost since 1999 & have a very established relationship. Approximately 80% of our production is built by Tradpost.

Medium / small scale production is handled in-house at our Gloucestershire premises.

Local prototypes at zero profit

We are happy to support the early stages of your product by building prototypes at zero profit.

Large and small scale

We can build locally until quantities become suitable for bulk Far East manufacture.

Check List / Sample BOM

A sample BOM can be downloaded in pdf format here.

Cable Assemblies and Looms

We have been building cable assemblies in China since 2002.

Far East costs

We expect to be approximately 20-30% below UK prices of comparable quality.

Local project management

All project management is handled at our Gloucestershire premises, so you always have local contact.

Local validation

We meticulously check your BOMs, specifications, test procedures, etc. Experience has shown it is essential for the data package to be correct and comprehensive before contemplating manufacture, especially if production is destined for the Far East.

Local technical support

Alternate component sourcing in the event of obsolescence or shortage.

Local purchasing

80% of components are bought locally by our own staff. We ship weekly to the Far East.

Local PCB data validation

See separate section on Printed Circuit Board manufacture.

Production Engineering

We regard it as our duty to suggest more cost effective processes, alternative components and materials wherever possible.

Quality manufacture

Our factories are ISO9001 and UL certified.

Pre-production samples

Routinely supplied (at standard price) before bulk production starts.

Pre-shipment photographs

We inspect photographs of every assembly batch before they leave our factory to ensure only visually perfect product is shipped to the UK. All photographic records are stored for 5 years.

Costing transparency

Every line on the BOM is detailed with cost, MOQ and lead time. Setup costs are detailed separately.

UK credit terms

No pre-payments or Letters of Credit required.

Download Tradpost Brochure