Free UK Prototyping

GEM UK Prototype Support

We are a production orientated company and do not employ a sales team. All financial resources that would normally be expended on this area of our business have been allocated to providing customers with prototypes at minimal cost. Our lab is small but very well equipped for prototyping and rework.


Free in-house prototyping

The process does not have a fixed framework but essentially we will build a small quantity in-house with no charge for labour or overheads. The intention is to prove circuitry and component selection and should not be regarded as a substitute for pre-production small batch builds – we strongly prefer to build these at our factory using components purchased for subsequent bulk build. You will also enjoy bulk pricing for these pre-production samples.


Prototyping is a very time consuming process so we have to limit the scale of the build. Please use the following as guidelines and it’s your choice which to use:

  • 3 complete circuits – best for large PCBs
  • An A4 (approx) sized panel – best for small circuits
  • 1000 components (approx) – best for low density circuits

Your obligations

Your costs will be limited to the cost of bare PCBs, cost of components, cost of paste stencils (if required), any setups/tooling incurred. The cost of these items will be detailed and passed to you without markup. You are specifically not obligated to place bulk production with us although we obviously hope this will be the case.

Our obligations

To front-end engineer the PCB data, to purchase all components necessary, to assemble as instructed, inspect and deliver to you within an agreed timescale. Additionally, we will offer comment on any difficulties encountered during the build both in component selection/sourcing and the physical assembly process.

Mutual Benefits

There is NO contractual obligation to build your volume production with us!

Bulk build

If you subsequently decide to bulk-build with us then you should consider the following benefits: PCB data, component part numbers and build instructions will have already been verified, some tooling may already have been purchased. The process will consequently be much smoother.


Pre-production small batch

If there is a requirement for quantities that exceed our prototyping volume guidelines then we strongly believe they should be built at our factory. However, if time is pressing we can build in-house. In this event, we do not expect to profit from the situation but would ask customers to cover our costs.



We frequently need to purchase more components than the exact quantity required to allow for tube/reel quantities, wastage etc. Unless you instruct us otherwise we will use our own judgement as to where to source and what quantity to buy.


It helps us considerably if you allow us to proceed without requiring a quotation beforehand. Trust is essential on both sides.



We reserve the right to decline our support if the job specification exceeds our capabilities or requires an unusual amount of time or resources.



Below is a list of some of the equipment used to build, inspect, test and rework your FREE prototypes to achieve a proven design:

  • Fritsch MP-904 (with split vision)
  • Fritsch LM-900
  • Technoprint screen printer SD360U
  • Technoprint oven HA06
  • Prisma HD Inspection System
  • CAB Maestro 4M PCB separator
  • Dry storage cabinet X2M-600
  • ERSA rework station HR100A
  • ERSA IRHP100A heat plate
  • Fisnar SL101-220 paste dispenser
  • Fluke 561 digital IR thermometer
  • Microchip PIC programmer