Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2015

In 2014 GEM UK achieved ISO 9001:2008 approval and our partners Tradpost have held ISO 9001:2008 and UL approval for many years. We are now certified to the latest standard ISO 9001:2015 (certificate available on request). We are proud to say that we consistently work to <0.6% failure rate, even on untested assemblies.


UK purchasing

We only purchase from franchised distribution unless specifically instructed by our customers to do otherwise. Most of our purchasing is from the UK and we pride ourselves in building stable long-term relationships throughout our supply-chain.


Rigorous inspection

We purchase approximately 80% of the value of components here in the UK and all items pass through our Gloucestershire premises for full goods inwards inspection before being consolidated and shipped out to our partner in HK. Once the items arrive in HK they are subject to an even more rigorous inspection procedure so everything is as near to perfect as possible before it is kitted for your assemblies.

Thorough testing

We promote and encourage as much testing as possible of your finished products before despatch from our factory. This gives peace of mind to you as the customer and us as the supplier. Before shipment back to the UK photographs are taken of the assemblies for approval before shipping. This simply confirms that there are no visible errors.

All finished goods are shipped by airfreight back to our Gloucestershire premises and the assemblies are visually checked before despatch to our customers.